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Meet Internet Entrepreneur Rob Houglum

Aloha everyone and welcome to my webpage.  I've been called everything from a "Freedom-preneur" to an "Online Marketing Coach" but in reality I'm just a guy that operates a home based business and likes to help others. 

These are the questions I asked myself to better understand why I became a self employed.


1. I Wanted To Live The Lifestyle Of My Dreams. 

2. I Wanted To Be My Own Boss. 

3. I Wanted To Travel The World.

4. I Wanted To Spend More Time With Family and Friends.



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"Rob Houglum is a talented businessman with a knack for identifying and developing unique and innovative opportunities. He is a valuable resource and brings a great wealth of experience to the table. I would most definitely work with him again. Jason S"

"There are very few people I've come across in my life who are so clearly born to be an entrepreneur as Rob Houglum. He has that special combination of selling skills, communication abilities, charisma and most of all an unbelievably thorough knowledge of marketing and all the industries in which he works. If it exists, he can sell it and if it doesn't, he will create it - and then sell it. Christine Whitmarsh"